Welcome to the Historic Third Ward and Cuney Homes

The Historic Third Ward 

Houston’s Third Ward was created as one of the city’s numbered political subdivisions shortly after Houston was founded in 1836. Houstonians recognize the Third Ward as a predominantly African American community with a history and cultural legacy with a sense of purpose and commitment. The Third Ward has undergone drastic boundary changes and population transformations in its 180-year history. 

Houston’s Cuney Homes 

Located in Houston’s Historic Third Ward directly across from Texas Southern University (TSU), Cuney Homes was the first development opened by the Housing Authority in 1938. As Houston’s longest-standing public housing community, the apartment complex was named for Norris Wright Cuney, an influential African American Leader in Texas during the late 1800s. Cuney Homes was also home to Houston star athlete, musical artist, and beloved friend George Floyd until 2014.

Media/Photo Credits: Houston Public Media