About the Choice Neighborhoods Initiative (CNI)

The Choice Neighborhoods program of the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) leverages public and private dollars to support locally-driven strategies meant to address neighborhoods struggling with distressed public or HUD-assisted housing.The program prompts collaboration between local leaders, residents, stakeholders, and developers to design and implement a plan (Transformation Plan) to revitalize distressed public housing and the surrounding neighborhoods. Through the Choice Neighborhoods program, critical neighborhood improvements are made, and communities are transformed.

Third Ward-Cuney Homes Choice Neighborhoods

The Houston Housing Authority, in partnership with The City of Houston, has been awarded a Choice Neighborhood Planning grant of $450k. With this grant, HHA and the City of Houston will work with the Cuney Homes Resident Council and many other local stakeholders, schools, business owners, and nonprofits to create and implement a Transformation Plan for Cuney Homes and the Third Ward. Through Third Ward-Cuney Homes Choice Neighborhood Transformation Plan, residents can expect an outline for a comprehensive effort focused on:

  • replacing distressed housing with well-managed, quality, mixed-income housing,
  • providing residents with quality-of-life support related to areas such as health and employment, and
  • reinvestment in distressed neighborhoods to bring in good schools, commercial activity, and other amenities important to Houstonians.

Here’s a look at the anticipated project timeline:

Feature photo: Project Row Houses Exterior. Photo Credit: Michael Hagerty/Houston Public Media