Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Houston Housing Authority is fully committed to replace every unit at Cuney Homes, one-for-one, either on-site or in the Choice Neighborhood.

Yes! All residents who live in Cuney Homes have the first right to return to the new replacement housing units if they remain in good standing (i.e. lease compliant).
Yes. A percentage of all bedroom types will be ADA accessible as required by law, including all publicly accessible sites and site amenities. The Choice planning team has many years of experience designing ADA units and will ensure that accessibility standards are met and adhere to the needs of Cuney Homes residents.
Yes. Houston Housing Authority will provide insight and parameters of the required unit mix at Cuney Homes and relay that to the planning team.
We will make sure that every new building has a street address with multiple windows and porches “watching over” streets and sidewalks. Additionally, we will incorporate adequate lighting and safe passageways in between buildings.
All new housing will be designed and wired to modern housing standards. Apartments will have modern security and intercom systems.
We will work with our partners to secure funding and will implement the Plan in phases. Residents will also be part of this process and will be informed of milestones being met.