May 11


3rd Ward on Tap Festival - "Tre Edition!"

Mark your calendars! The Houston Housing Authority, in partnership with Friends of Columbia Tap, is thrilled to announce the 3rd Annual, 3rd Ward on Tap Festival – “Tre Edition!”

Date: May 11, 2024

Time: 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM

Location: Cuney Homes

Join us for a day filled with music, food, bikes, exhibitors, and fun as we celebrate the vibrant culture, historical richness, and community spirit of 3rd Ward and the Columbia Tap Rail Trail. This year’s festival promises to be bigger and better than ever before, with exciting activities for all ages.

But that’s not all! As part of the festivities, the Houston Housing Authority will be hosting a ribbon-cutting ceremony to unveil the brand-new pocket park at the Cuney Homes entrance of the Columbia Tap Rail Trail on Truxillo Street. Be among the first to experience this wonderful new addition to our neighborhood!

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be a part of this special event. Save the date and spread the word – the 3rd Ward on Tap Festival “Tre Edition” is an occasion you won’t want to miss!

Stay tuned for more details and announcements as we get closer to the big day. We need all the help we can get to make this event a success. Use the QR code to complete the Volunteer Sign-Up form.

We look forward to seeing you there!

March 13 


Town Hall Meeting

In a collaborative effort to address crime prevention and community safety, the Department of Justice recently convened a town hall meeting on Wednesday, March 13, 2024, at the Cuney Homes Community Center. The gathering brought together a diverse array of stakeholders, including Department of Justice officials, local housing authority leadership, and residents of the Cuney Homes community.

Among the prominent attendees were: Houston Housing Authority Chairman and CEO Mr. David A. Northern, Sr.; Director of Houston Housing Authority Security Brian Terry; David Rody, Acting Deputy Assistant Attorney General; Jennifer Lowery, First Assistant United States Attorney; David Jaffe, Chief of the Violent Crime and Racketeering Section; Krystal Walker, Executive Assistant United States Attorney; and Kim Dammers, Principal Deputy Chief of the Violent Crime and Racketeering Section. The primary objective of the meeting was twofold: to provide an update on the Department of Justice’s efforts in combating crime within the 3rd Ward and to solicit feedback from residents regarding the effectiveness of these initiatives.

Residents shared positive observations, noting a decrease in criminal activity and a reduction in the frequency of gun-related incidents over the past three months. The Department of Justice representatives outlined several strategies employed to achieve these outcomes, including targeted law enforcement operations aimed at dismantling drug rings and apprehending individuals involved in the illicit sale of firearm accessories.

Acknowledging the integral role played by the Houston Housing Authority in crime mitigation efforts, the Department of Justice expressed gratitude for the organization’s proactive measures, such as the acquisition and closure of problematic corner stores in the area.

The discussion subsequently shifted towards exploring additional avenues for crime prevention, with an emphasis on community education, anti-drug training, enhanced utilization of tip lines, as well as initiatives aimed at bolstering food security and providing job training opportunities.

Reflecting on the collaborative partnership between the Houston Housing Authority and the Department of Justice, attendees expressed optimism about the prospects of fostering a safer and more secure environment for residents of Cuney Homes and the broader 3rd Ward community.

The town hall meeting underscored the significance of community engagement and collaborative action in addressing complex societal challenges, reaffirming the commitment of all stakeholders to promote safety and well-being in the neighborhood.

Feb 14 


Valentine's Day Celebration

In a heartwarming celebration of love and community spirit, the Dinner and Learning Club embraced Valentine’s Day on February 14, 2024. Children came together to craft heartfelt Valentine’s Day cards for their loved ones and engaged in the playful activity of making Valentine’s Day slime. The festivities concluded with colorful cupcakes, symbolizing the joy and unity found within the Cuney Homes community.

The Valentine’s Day celebration saw nearly 50 children participating, underscoring the growing impact and importance of the Feeding Our Future Kids’ Dinner and Learning Club in the lives of Cuney Homes residents. As this initiative continues to thrive, it serves as a testament to the power of community support and the resilience of the human spirit.

Feb 05 


New Dinner and Learning Club Opens to Support Cuney Homes Children

The Cuney Homes Community Center welcomed a new initiative on Monday, February 5, 2024, as the Feeding Our Future Kids’ Dinner and Learning Club officially opened its doors. Serving as a beacon of hope for the community, and staffed by the University of Houston Community Health Workers Initiative, this program offers a vital service to children in need.

Operating from 4pm to 6pm, Monday through Friday, the Dinner and Learning Club provides 50 hot meals daily to children residing in Cuney Homes, completely free of charge. The grand opening saw 36 eager children gathering to share in the warmth of a hot meal.

Partnering with the Feeding Our Future Food Pantry, Kidz Grub, and Kids Meals, the program ensures access to nutritious food options for the children of Cuney Homes. This collaborative effort is a direct response to the concerning statistic that 36% of Cuney Homes residents reported experiencing food insecurity once or twice a week.

Dec 07  2023

Cuney Homes Resident Meeting

Houston’s 3rd Ward community has the chance to be transformed and revitalized to support thriving neighborhoods with affordable housing and resources for health, economic and education enhancements. The HHA is planning and preparing to receive a federal Choice Implementation grant which would provide millions in funding to rebuild this area that has been underserved for decades. COMMUNITY INPUT, IDEAS, and OPINIONS are essential to accomplish our goals of providing what people need from their perspectives. Today, we hosted a community meeting to hear collective thoughts on the plan. The room was filled with community members, leaders, mission-centered minds, and government officials asking questions and sharing action plans to make this transformation a reality that will support 3rd Ward residents and the greater Houston area.

Dec 06 


Third Ward Neighborhood Meeting

Houston’s 3rd Ward community has the chance to be transformed and revitalized to support thriving neighborhoods with affordable housing and resources for health, economic and education enhancements. The HHA is planning and preparing to receive a federal Choice Implementation grant which would provide millions in funding to rebuild this area that has been underserved for decades. COMMUNITY INPUT, IDEAS, and OPINIONS are essential to accomplish our goals of providing what people need from their perspectives. Today, we hosted a community meeting to hear collective thoughts on the plan. The room was filled with community members, leaders, mission-centered minds, and government officials asking questions and sharing action plans to make this transformation a reality that will support 3rd Ward residents and the greater Houston area.

Nov 18 


Thanksgiving Food Pantry Giveaway

Nov 08 2023

University of Houston Lunch & Learn

Say “No” To Stress- Mental Health Lunch & Learn
U of H Healthy Connections and the UH Family Care Center & Behavioral Health Team presented on the following to Cuney Homes Residents:

  • Understanding Stress
  • Definition and types of stress
  • Common Stressors
  • Recognizing Mental Health Signs
  • Coping Strategies
  • Building Resilience
  • Work-Life Balance
  • Seeking Help
  • Creating a support system

Oct 10 


Resident meeting

For the last three years, HHA has been planning and preparing to receive the Choice Implementation Grant, which would provide millions in funding to rebuild and revitalize the Third Ward neighborhood. If our application is chosen for the grant award, we will be able to bring housing, health, economic, and education resources to an area of Houston that has historically been underserved for decades. This community meeting is one of many that we will host to engage our clients, and all those who want to participate in the Third Ward community, to learn about and understand the project, and how it impacts their health and wellness, to ask questions, and contribute their opinions on what they want their community to look like. We welcomed dozens of people at the presentation with the latest developments of the grant application and the implementation plans. The grant awardees will be announced around May of next year, 2024. We’re hoping HUD recognizes the crucial needs of this community and the comprehensive plans we have made to transform Third Ward into a place where people can thrive and prosper.

Sep 26


Neighborhood meeting

Meeting Description: Grand closing, grand opening! HHA and the City of Houston hosted a Choice Close-Out Celebration to commemorate the success of the Third Ward – Cuney Homes Choice Neighborhood Initiative planning grant and to announce the effort to submit the Choice Neighborhood Initiative’s Implementation grant application in December 2023.

Aug 19 


Cuney Kickback

This summer, the University of Houston’s Honors College hosted the second Community Health Workers Initiative at Cuney Homes. This 8-week introductory course allowed Cuney Homes and Third Ward residents to gain certifications and additional training and support as a Community Health Worker, an advocate for individual and community health using tools for data analysis, social networking, and project implementation and assessment. 

There were 13 graduates for the Community Health Worker program this summer. They concluded their coursework by hosting their own community engagement event on August 19th titled Cuney Kickback.

Aug 2023

Back-to-School events August 2023

HHA teamed up with Generation One, the Department of Justice, HEB, District D Houston City Councilmember Carolyn Evans-Shabbaz, Harris County Justice of the Peace Pct. 7, Place 1 Judge Wanda Adams, community advocate Tiffany Anderson, and many other community partners from local Masonic Lodges and the Order of the Eastern Star to help Cuney Homes kids prepare for school while connecting them to upcoming mentorship opportunities. We assisted 100 kids with haircuts, hairstyles, school clothing items, and hygiene products.

Weekly 2023

Third Ward Community Coffee Chats

The weekly 10am Friday Community Coffee Chats held at Doshi House Cafe have been a dynamic and engaging platform for residents of Cuney Homes and members of the Friends of Columbia Tap community. These chats, which commenced in December 2022, have provided an inclusive and low-barrier avenue for open dialogue and collaboration among various communities along the Trail, including Third Ward, MacGregor, and East Downtown (EaDo).

The initiative arose as an alternative to traditional civic club meetings, fostering a more relaxed and informal atmosphere for discussion. The absence of formal agendas, speaking limits, and minutes has encouraged participants to engage freely, creating an environment conducive to sharing ideas and perspectives.

These coffee chats have thrived due to the collaborative efforts of multiple entities, such as the Friends of Columbia Tap and Greater Third Ward Super Neighborhood #67. Shared leadership has been a key factor, ensuring that diverse viewpoints and voices are represented, and allowing the chats to adapt and evolve based on the community’s needs.

Throughout these sessions, participants have had the liberty to bring forth topics or issues that matter to them, generating conversations that span a wide range of subjects. Residents have been able to invite guest speakers to shed light on specific matters, enriching the knowledge and insights available within the community. Moreover, the chats have not only addressed local concerns but have also facilitated discussions on becoming more effective community advocates, promoting active participation and community empowerment.

The coffee chats have become a valuable space for mutual learning, as participants share tools and strategies for community engagement, drawing from each other’s experiences and expertise. Notably, these discussions have covered an array of significant topics, including advocacy around Stop TXDOT I-45, Fair for All Houston, Livable Places ordinance amendments, and discussions on environmental and climate justice. The chats have even facilitated direct interactions with city council and mayoral candidates, offering a unique platform for residents to engage with political leaders and gain insights into their vision for the community.

Through a format that promotes openness, collaboration, and shared leadership, participants from diverse backgrounds have come together at the Community Coffee Chats to discuss, learn, and strategize on matters of local importance. This ongoing initiative demonstrates the power of casual, yet purposeful conversations in fostering a stronger and more connected community.

Aug 09 2023

University of Houston Lunch & Learn

The diabetes Lunch & Learn discussed the following.

  • Understanding Diabetes types
  • Managing Blood Sugar levels
  • Healthy eating
  • Portion control
  • Medication
  • Exercise
  • Monitoring
  • Complications
  • Lifestyle Adjustments
  • Support Resources

July 27 


Light the Night 7 27 23

On the evening of Thursday, July 27, 2023, Cuney Homes residents and Third Ward neighbors came together for an impactful event, “One Safe Houston: Light the Night.” The event aimed to shed light on community safety concerns and promote a brighter future for all residents. The gathering commenced at the Cuney Homes Community Center, located at 3260 Truxillo St, Houston, TX 77004, and began promptly at 7:30 PM.

Participants, both on foot and on bicycles provided by the Harris County Precinct One RideONE program, embarked on a journey along the Columbia Tap Trail. This trail traversed through the dynamic 3rd Ward neighborhood, uniting people from various backgrounds in a shared commitment to community well-being.

The event was not just a mere walk or ride; it symbolized a collective effort to advocate for safety enhancements, particularly increased lighting along the Columbia Tap Trail. Collaborating with the Houston Police Department and other partners, the attendees aimed to foster a secure environment for everyone. The sentiment of unity and the desire for positive change resonated throughout the event.

The One Safe Houston initiative, spearheaded by Commissioner Rodney Ellis, played a crucial role in organizing the event and providing bicycles through the RideONE program. This initiative sought to empower underserved communities by offering opportunities to learn about bicycle safety, maintenance, and providing access to alternative transportation methods. The event featured a diverse range of bicycles, including e-bikes, ensuring inclusivity and enabling people of all abilities to participate.

Throughout the event, participants had the chance to engage with their surroundings, learn about bicycle maintenance, and contribute to a more secure community environment. The success of the initiative was evident in the participation of individuals, including seniors who previously hadn’t learned to ride a bike, now confidently navigating the trails on various bike types.

As the sun set on July 27, 2023, the Light the Night event encapsulated the spirit of togetherness and dedication to community safety. By walking and cycling side by side, participants illuminated the path to a safer and more vibrant future for Houston, demonstrating that small steps can lead to significant positive changes.

July 26 2023

University of Houston Healthy Start

The University of Houston’s Graduate College of Social Work Healthy Start Program seeks to improve health during pregnancy, birth and postpartum for moms, fathers, and babies most at risk for infant mortality (IM) and maternal mortality (MM). Our program is supported by the US Department of Health and Human Services Resources Services Administration (HRSA). Our mission is to elevate the health of pregnant and postpartum moms, babies, and fathers. We work alongside the community to bridge the gaps within the community. Healthy Start teaches healthy steps to improve birth and pregnancy outcomes by ensuring that families have access to quality services and resources we provide home visits, doula services, mental health services and access to a registered nurse for all families. “Healthy Moms. Healthy Families”

July 16 2023

Columbia Tap Trail Visioning Meeting

Cuney Homes Resident Ambassadors are very involved in civic engagement for their community. Their voices are being heard at convenings with planning and city officials.

June 29 2023

Pride Ride

June 28 2023

Feeding Our Future Food Pantry

This is the first food pantry located at a Houston Housing Authority site. HHA partnered with the American Heart Association that generously provided an $8,000 grant for the pantry buildout.

Below is the link for the Feeding Our Future Food Pantry on June 28th. We received a proclamation from the City of Houston stating June 28th is Feeding Our Future Food Pantry Day. We also received national recognition from Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee and the American flag was flown at the Capitol Building in our honor.

We opened the food pantry in response to the Cuney Homes Resident Survey where 36% of the residents said they are without food 1-2 nights each week. We work with The Common Market, they provide fresh food boxes to 140 Cuney Homes households each week. We receive donations for staple food pantry items (both funding and food items raised through food drives).

Check out the news story below with the Cuney Homes Resident Ambassadors!

Cuney Food Pantry Grand Opening

June 22 2023

Walking Toward Our Future

We Walk Toward Our Future is a partnership with Fit Houston and Friends of Columbia Tap Trail. After successful launch of the Feeding Our Future food pantry, residents and Fit Houston worked together to start a walking group as part of our walking campaign, #WALK30, which encourages everyone to walk 30 minutes a day, no matter where you are.

And yet, how can Cuney Homes residents walk the nearby trail without adequate safety features, physical access to the trail, and social support to want to go walk? This is where our partners, Friends of Columbia Tap, come in. FOCT cleaned the entryway to the trail, added landscaping, and made the trail safe to access. The South Central police department accompanied the Walking Toward Our Future group on the first few walks, then we invited partners such as UH College of Medicine, local nonprofits, local running clubs, and more, to walk.

Two months later we have a very viable walking group, and many new people have joined residents and partners to enjoy the trail. This is more than walking, it is civic engagement. The walk ends at Doshi House, a local coffee shop where neighborhood stakeholders meet each Friday to continue to make improvements along the trail, the community, and more.

Walking Toward Our Future is true collective impact.

April 26 2023

Exploring the Past to Build the Future Field Trip

Field Trip Summary: Exploring History and Nature with Cuney Homes Resident Ambassadors, Friends of Columbia Tap, and Third Ward Community Members

On April 26, 2023, an impactful field trip was organized by the Houston Housing Authority and Third Ward Cuney Homes Choice Neighborhood Initiative in collaboration with Friends of Columbia Tap, a trails and greenspace community advocacy group. The event aimed to provide residents of Cuney Homes and members of the Third Ward community with an enriching experience that combined history, nature, and community engagement.

Event Timeline:
– 10:00 AM: The group departed from Cuney Homes, embarking on a day of exploration and learning.
– 11:00 AM: The group arrived at Nash Prairie, a unique natural area that offered a glimpse into the native landscapes of Texas.
– 11:30 AM: After an enlightening visit to Nash Prairie, the group set out for Varner Hogg Plantation.
– 11:50 AM: The group arrived at Varner Hogg Plantation for a guided tour and a box lunch/picnic lunch.
– 2:00 PM: The group visited the Columbia Historical Museum and Columbia Rosenwald School.
– 3:00 PM: The group visited Levi Jordan Plantation, the final destination of the day.
– 5:30 PM: The group concluded their journey by arriving back at Cuney Homes.

Highlights and Insights:
The field trip provided participants with a unique opportunity to connect with nature, history, and each other. As attendees explored Nash Prairie, Varner Hogg Plantation, and other historical sites, they gained valuable insights into the region’s history, from early settlement to the legacy of enslaved labor on plantations.

The excursion allowed participants to witness the tangible importance of preserving green spaces and natural landscapes. The visit to Nash Prairie showcased the value of wild spaces, fresh air, and the sensory experience of blooming flowers. A heartwarming moment occurred when a participant shared memories of childhood spent in similar fields, highlighting the deep emotional connection that such landscapes evoke.

The tour of Varner Hogg Plantation offered an immersive historical experience, providing a window into the lives of those who lived and worked on the plantation. The plantation’s complex history, including its role in the sugar and cotton industries, offered attendees a deeper understanding of the region’s past. The trip also included visits to the Columbia Historical Museum and Columbia Rosenwald School, which provided insights into the educational and cultural history of the area.

Community Engagement and Empowerment:
The field trip underscored the importance of community engagement, historical preservation, and the revitalization of green spaces. As Cuney Homes and the adjacent Columbia Tap Trail undergo renovation, the journey highlighted the potential to incorporate historical interpretation and native plantings, reflecting the region’s history and offering a space for reflection and rejuvenation.

The support and partnership of organizations like the Friends of Columbia Tap, the Houston Housing Authority, and the Third Ward Cuney Homes Choice Neighborhood Initiative were vital in orchestrating this successful event. By working together, these groups were able to provide residents and community members with a transformative experience that will contribute to the ongoing efforts to enhance the quality of life in the Third Ward. The field trip left participants with a sense of inspiration, a deeper connection to their surroundings, and a shared commitment to preserving history, fostering community, and creating vibrant green spaces for future generations.

April 25 2023


RYDE was recently awarded a Micro-Grant from Evolve Houston to launch an on-demand service to provide free, 100% electric, door to door, accessible transit in an underserved area of Houston.

Cuney Homes and Third Ward Residents Greater had the opportunity to take a test ride in one of the 100% electric micro-transit vehicles for a trip around Third Ward.

Ryde offering free lifts in Houston’s Third Ward as part of months-long pilot program – Houston Public Media

March 31 2023

Random Acts of Kindness - HBCU All-Stars

People packed the Cuney Homes basketball court for the “Random Acts of Kindness Day” community celebration, Our clients got a huge surprise when Lowe’s Home Improvement donated 25 AC window units and a washing machine to Cuney Homes residents. This is such a huge help to make life more comfortable and enjoyable for those who live in this community.
The HHA collaborated with many organizations to host a day filled with so many exciting announcements, giveaways, and games.

March 29 2023

Draft plan presentation

Join us to learn more about the people, neighborhood, and housing components of the draft plan.
March 14 2023

Safety For Our Future

Representatives from The United States Department of Justice and Assistant Attorney General, Kenneth Polite, Jr.’s office visited HHA’s Cuney Homes to get a first-hand look at the community atmosphere and talk to people affected by the violent crime in the greater Third Ward. The purpose was to seek feedback on what is needed to support a reduction in crime and focus on the needs for the future, especially for the kids in that area.
They were able to meet with residents and go on a guided tour of the Cuney Homes community to get a greater sense of what their offices can do to make a lasting impact in this area.

Feb 27 


Basketball Court Opening

Feb 7 


Food Pantry Soft Opening

Three Food Pantry staff distributed 50 fresh food boxes from Common Market to Cuney Homes Residents. They collected information on household size, the number of seniors, and the number of children per household.  Residents can have free food from the food pantry once a week.

Feb 3 


Food Pantry Donation Drive

Collected food non-perishable food donations from organizations and community members. Received donations from the American Heart Association, Change Happens, and the president of the Houston Housing Authority. 

Jan 24 


Ambassador Leadership Graduation Ceremony

Choice Neighborhood Ambassadors celebrated graduation from their leadership training and were acknowledged for their service to their community.  Ambassadors were made aware of paid leadership opportunities in the food pantry, the food garden, and providing recreation for Cuney Homes. 

Jan 19 


Food Pantry Cleanup Party

Cuney Homes Ambassadors, Cuney Homes Residents Council Members, and the American Heart Association worked together to clean out the space of the future Feeding Our Future Food Pantry.

Jan 16 


Martin Luther King Jr. Food Giveaway

Residents honored Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. with a food giveaway. 100 Fresh Food Boxes from Common Market were distributed to Cuney Homes residents. Volunteers from the National Black United Front and the American Heart Association helped to distribute food boxes.   

Dec 29


Children’s Kwanzaa

Families came together to learn about the principles and symbols of Kwanzaa.  There were craft activities for children and adults, a dance contest, a martial arts demonstration, and live African drumming.

Dec 10 2022

Writing Workshop with the National Public Housing Museum

Residents engaged in a writing workshop to tell their stories of artifacts from their Cuney Homes experience.  Those who were able to write began drafting their stories.  Those who preferred to tell their stories orally recorded their stories

Oct 29 


Domestic Violence

We are educating residents on the signs of domestic violence and how to get help. 

Nov 22 


Early Action Activity: Cuney Homes Basketball Court Paint Breaking Ceremony

The beginning of the painting of the Cuney Homes basketball court with court muralist Henry Agim and Cuney Homes youth.

Nov 17 


Adult Show & Tell

Residents brought an item of significance to their experience in Cuney Homes and shared their stories. 

Nov 17 


Food For Thought Turkey Giveaway

Cuney Homes residents who completed a pantry survey received a turkey from the It’s Only Right Foundation. They provided 50 turkeys.

Nov 8 


Food Pantry Tour

Cuney Homes Resident Ambassadors toured Little Red Box Food Store and Christian Community Service Center.

Oct 4 


National Night Out

Sep 27 


Cuney Homes Basketball Court- Youth Design Focus Group

Cuney Homes and Third Ward youths provided feedback on the images and words they would like to see in the new court design. Youths also chose the muralist to complete the work.

Sep 14 


Senior Bingo

The Resident Needs Survey indicated that seniors wanted a safe place to socialize, away from children.  Seniors had the opportunity to socialize and take a food pantry survey to indicate the types of food they would like in the upcoming Cuney Homes Food Pantry.

Sep 7 


Housing Typology Workshop

Moody Nolan conducted a Housing Typology Workshop engaging Cuney Homes and Third Ward residents in discussion on their likes and dislikes of housing typology. State Representative Jolanda Jones and Houston City Councilwoman Carolyn Evans Shabazz were in attendance to add to the discussion.

Aug 10


Choice Workshop with Texas Southern University students 

Students from TSU’s Urban Planning & Environmental Policy showed their site plan for the redeveloped Cuney Homes site.

Aug 1


American Heart Association took a bike ride through Cuney Homes to hear about the Third Ward – Cuney Homes Choice Neighborhood Initiative.

July 14


Choice Workshop with Rice University students

Students from Rice University’s Center for Civic Leadership program visited the Cuney Homes site to learn more about the Third Ward – Cuney Homes Choice Neighborhood Initiative.

July 12


People Plan Open House & Visioning Workshop

Residents met for focused discussions on improving children’s education, booting health and wellness, increasing income, enhancing skills and job opportunities, and building self-sufficiency and generational wealth.

June 28


Leadership Series Session 7: Making Cuney Homes Safer

Townhall meeting with Cuney Homes Precinct 6 and Houston Police Department for residents to discuss safety concerns in the community.

June 23

Leadership Series Session 6: Mental Health Talk With A Doc

Mental Health professionals encouraged Cuney Homes residents to seek available resources to help themselves or a neighbor struggling with mental health issues. Speakers: Dr. Steven Starks, University of Houston – College of Medicine; Rebecca Skillern, Houston Police Department – Mental Health Divisions; Patrick LeBlanc, Houston Police Department – Mental Health Division

June 16

Leadership Series Session 5: Building Generational Wealth Through Homeownership 

Residents successfully learned how to navigate homebuyer programs from industry professionals and new homeowners.

Speakers: Kristy Kirkendoll, HHA Board Member; Joanne Gladney, HHA Housing Choice Voucher Program/Family Self-Sufficiency program; Veralisa Hunter, Covenant Community Capital.

June 7

Leadership Series Session 4: Upskill Your Way To A Green Career

Explained Green Career options to Cuney Homes Residents and the 3rd Ward Community

Speakers: Ken Williams, GROW Houston

June 2

Leadership Series Session 3: How To Start A Co-Op Business or Small Business

Third Ward Entrepreneurs shared entrepreneurship experiences and tips with residents.  The EEDC shared its Entrepreneur Training program with residents.  Project Row Houses shared their Art Entrepreneurship program with residents.

Speakers: Britany Winters, Upgrade Boutique; Alicia Neal, Emancipation Economic Development Council; RUEROB, Project Row Houses; Dean Liscum, Dean Liscum Communications, Ashley Hairston, Houston Housing Authority – Section 3 program.

May 24

Leadership Series Session 2: Fair Housing and Affordable Home Development

Renter Know Your Rights Presentation, Residents learned the history of racism and segregation in housing, and residents learned how to advocate for affordable housing. 

Speakers: Julia Orduna and David Wheaton from Texas Housers; Yolanda Guess-Jeffries from City of Houston Housing & Community Development Dept. 

May 10

Leadership Series Session 1: A Meeting of the Minds Conflict Resolution

Cuney Homes and Third Ward Residents shared types of conflict they faced at home and throughout the community. They learned conflict resolution tips to help them successfully navigate and resolve conflict.

Speakers: Angela St. Julien, Darcy Thompson, and Dr. Diana Pino from the Association for Conflict Resolution – Houston chapter 

May 7

1st Third Ward on Tap Festival

Ambassadors shared information on the Choice Neighborhood Planning Grant and the goal to re-imagine Cuney Homes at a Bike Trail Event in 3rd Ward.

July 7

Choice Leadership Series Session #8

June 28

Choice Leadership Series Session #7: Safety

June 24

Choice Leadership Series Session #6: Mental Health Talk With A Doc

June 16

Choice Leadership Series Session #5: Homebuying

June 7

Choice Leadership Series Session #4: Green Collar Jobs

June 2

Choice Leadership Series Session #3: Taking Care of Business

May 24

Choice Leadership Series Session #2: Fair Housing and Affordable Home

May 10

Choice Leadership Series Session #1: Conflict Resolution

Housing Typology Workshop

May 4

Housing Taskforce Meeting

Apr 29

Cuney Homes Resident Survey Results

Apr 28
Feb 24

Third Ward Cuney Homes Choice Neighborhood Initiative Kick-off Meeting

At their first community meeting, Third Ward residents, community partners, and stakeholders learned about the Choice Neighborhood Initiative, heard about key findings from the Cuney Homes Resident Survey, and discussed ways to support the project.

February 24th Neighborhood Meeting Presentation

Feb 23

Third Ward - Cuney Homes Choice Neighborhood Initiative Kick-off Meeting

On February 23rd, Cuney Homes residents learned about the Choice Neighborhood Initiative, provided feedback on the initiative’s branding and logo, and heard about key findings from the Cuney Homes Resident Survey. 

February 23rd Resident Meeting Presentation

Feb 15

Neighborhood Taskforce Meeting

The Neighborhood Taskforce continues the conversation on how to build upon the accomplishments of previous Third Ward planning efforts designed to improve neighborhood conditions, such as health, public safety, housing, employment and income, children and education, technology and communications.  

Feb 10

Housing Taskforce Meeting

The Housing Taskforce continues the conversation on how to build upon the accomplishments of previous planning efforts to improve housing situations in Cuney Homes and in the Third Ward neighborhood.

Jan 27

Joint Taskforce Meeting

The Housing, Neighborhood, and People task forces convened to review previous planning efforts for the Third Ward neighborhood and discuss how to build upon these accomplishments.

Jan 20

Branding Workshop

Cuney Homes CNI Ambassadors provide feedback that will help create the official logo and branding for the Third Ward – Cuney Homes Choice Neighborhood Initiative.

Jan 6

Core Team Meeting

Leaders for the Housing, Neighborhood, and People Taskforces met to hear updates on the Cuney Homes Resident Survey and future engagement activities for Taskforce members, Cuney Homes and Third Ward residents.

Nov 9

People Task Force Meeting #1

Meeting of the Third Ward Cuney Homes Choice People Taskforce.

Sept 22

Neighborhood Task Force Meeting #2

Meeting of the Third Ward Cuney Homes Choice Neighborhood Taskforce.

Aug 30

Neighborhood Task Force Meeting #1

Premier meeting of the Third Ward Cuney Homes Choice Neighborhood Taskforce.

Aug 6

Housing Task Force Meeting #1

Premier meeting of the Third Ward Cuney Homes Choice Neighborhood Housing Taskforce.

Jun 29 – 30

Virtual site visit

HHA and partners will host HUD and community stakeholders for a virtual site visit of Cuney Homes and the Historic Third Ward community.