Welcome to the Third Ward-Cuney Homes Choice Neighborhood!

This is a pivotal moment in history to be able to revitalize one of the richest African American communities in Houston’s history, which is anchored by many historic pillars.

The Houston Housing Authority (HHA) and the City have been awarded a prestigious two-year Choice Neighborhoods Initiative Planning Grant Program (CNI) from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). This grant, in the amount of $450,000, will be used to develop a resident and community-driven plan for meaningful neighborhood transformation, centered around the redevelopment of Cuney Homes, Houston’s longest-standing public housing community, located in Historic Third Ward. Together, we will work with local organizations, businesses, service providers, educational and religious institutions through this initiative.

About the Third Ward

The Third Ward evolved from the original six wards in Houston and is located immediately Southeast of Downtown Houston. The Third Ward or “The Tre” is the center of Houston’s African-American community. In 1872, some influential African-Americans raised $800 to purchase four acres of land. This land later became known as Emancipation Park, where annual Juneteenth celebrations are now held to commemorate the liberation from slavery. Other historic institutions include the Yates High School, Riverside General Hospital, and the Eldorado Ballroom, where musical greats like Ray Charles, Etta James, Jimmy Reed, and T-Bone Walker played.

Third Ward-Cuney Homes Choice Neighborhoods Draft Plan​

The Third Ward-Cuney Homes Draft Plan is the next milestone in the 18+ month Choice Neighborhoods planning process. This document gathers all the community aspirations and vision for Cuney Homes and the Third Ward, as told and shaped by residents. The team will continue to refine the plan in the next six months and will continue listening to the community and strengthening partnerships. The Final Plan is due to HUD by Fall of 2023.

About the Third Ward

Located directly across from Texas Southern University (TSU), Cuney Homes was the first development completed by the Houston Housing Authority in 1938. The 32-acre site comprises 553 units that are home to over 1100 residents.  The apartment complex was named for Norris Wright Cuney, an influential African American Leader in Texas during the late 1800s. Cuney Homes was also home to Houston star athlete, musical artist, and beloved friend George Floyd until 2014.

“Cuney residents are close-knit; there’s a strong bond through generations of neighbors. We have become a family and together we are vested in our community. It is wonderful that we now have an opportunity to be a part of the changes that so many of us are looking forward to.”  -Veronica DeBoest, Cuney Homes Resident Council President