Frequently Asked Questions

We won’t know until the planning process is finished. This grant involves a 2-year process with you and the greater community. Together, we will determine this answer.

Yes!  All Cuney Homes residents have the first right to return to the redeveloped site if they remain in good standing (i.e. lease complaint).

Yes, HHA is committed and is federally regulated to do at least one-for-one unit replacement. Any unit taken down will be replaced.

The Choice Neighborhood is anchored by Cuney Homes and includes a number of important community anchors and assets to build on such as the nearby schools and universities, Emancipation Park, the Columbia Bike & Walk Trail, and METRO Rail Station.

We will work with our public and private partners to leverage funding and strive to implement the plan in phases.

We will not know this until the 2-year planning process is finished.

Regular updates and meeting materials will be posted to the website:  For questions please contact: Gilda Jackson Or be sure to share your contact during planning meetings to receive updates.

There are many ways to get involved:

  • Take a survey! In September, we will launch a Needs Assessment survey that will ask about everything from the type of housing you prefer to education, youth programs, job training, public safety, and health and wellness, as well as what current programs are working well and what needs to be improved.  
  • Leadership Series: In a few months, we will host a leadership series for those interested in learning more about community planning and development. This fun-filled, multi-part series will feature local specialists, who will share their knowledge and expertise.
  • Join a Task Force: We have three Task Forces — Housing, People (education, employment, health) and Neighborhood—that will meet monthly to create a vision and goals for the plan and to develop strategies to realize the vision.  
  • Attend meetings and special events: We will be hosting several big community meetings and smaller special events to hear your ideas and share information with you. 

If you have other questions or want to get involved, please contact:

Gilda Jackson